Psychoeducational Assessment

When your child or adolescent is struggling at school with academic, social, or behavioral challenges, when it is unclear what is going on, you wonder what can be done to help, a psycho-educational assessment can be a tremendously useful method to find the answers to your questions.

I will not only conduct a comprehensive cognitive and personality assessment of your child, but I will also observe him or her at school, review his or her academic and/or medical records, conduct collateral interviews with you, your child’s pediatrician in order to collect all relevant information. I will then analyze the data, integrate the findings and present them to you in an understandable, jargon-free language. My focus is to come up with practical and specific recommendations, which will help your child adapt better to his or her environment, thrive, be socially engaged, reasonably challenged intellectually, and develop to the best of his or her abilities.