Individual and Family Therapy

Individual psychotherapy can be very helpful to many people who find life more difficult than they would like it to be. Starting psychotherapy is not easy. I respect your decision to start and I will help you navigate appropriate treatment choices. When you come in, I will listen carefully to what you are going through. It is important for me that you feel safe and respected. Together we will try to understand your challenges and begin to make helpful changes. You will not be labeled. We will figure out the goals of treatment and work towards your chosen goals at your own pace.

In family therapy I work with an entire family as a system. We explore the family dynamics and relational issues, cyclical patterns of behaviors, communication challenges and we try to discover the useful ways to help your family evolve and adapt. Depending on your goals and circumstances, either an individual or family treatment may be more effective and we will talk about choosing the most appropriate path for you.