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Consultations and Supervision

Supervision and consultation for adult psychotherapists

I provide consultations and supervision for psychotherapists working with adult patients in individual psychotherapy. I integrate the foundation of psychodynamic training with the clinical models developed in Neuropsychoanalysis. In circumstances when you feel that the treatment has plutoed, or you feel unclear about what is going on, we will work on finding the focal points of the clinical work and the pathway to get the treatment where you would like it to be.

Consultations are typically several meetings to discuss your most pressing concerns. In supervision, we will have a longer-term work together, which allows for a deeper investigation of the dynamics.

Executive consultation

I provide consultations to executives who seem to face an insoluble decision or find explanatory gaps in some of their past corporate or business decisions, despite having all the information they need for rational decision-making. We can explore the possible patterns in your interpersonal dynamics, the influence of emotional and personal factors on your business decisions.